Why is connecting so hard?

connecting_puzzle_11_30_08_pc_pro_meWe are social creatures and we yearn to connect with like minded people, however we would rather take the path of least resistance than have someone challenge our thinking.

It is this path of least resistance that causes us to embrace the social media tools that are so freely available, we want anything that will give us instantaneous results and make our busy lives easier at the same time. We fool ourselves into thinking that the more friends we have the better we are and the more influential we will be. It could be argued that we are being social and I may agree. But imagine attending the average social gathering, you probably social with your normal friends or colleagues, but who have you actually connected with?

Why is connecting so hard? Connecting is the new cold calling; mention the word cold calling and shivers normally go up our spines. Being social and getting out there is a step in the right direction and you potentially will be noticed. However getting noticed is not enough, it is not the magic you looking for (you may have done the marketing but you still need to do the sale). Sales happen when we connect – let me simplify that. Often in my consulting life I meet people who tell me they can’t sell. The first question I always ask is ‘Are you in a relationship’? Chances are at some stage they have been in a relationship … I then congratulate them as this was their first successful sale!

Was this sale easy? I certainly hope not! Do we want easy customers? Do we just want to connect with customers that simply accept the facts we give them or do we want customers who like to tell us what they want and need, giving us the opportunity of improving our service to them. This trust once gained, results in a deeper longer lasting relationship than the one with the easy customer – because it could be said that the easy customer does not really know what they want.

7-You-make-me-want-to-be-a-better-manThis analogy reminds me of the famous movie line by Jack Nicholson with Helen Hunt in ‘As Good as It Gets’ when he says ‘You Make Me Want to Be a Better Man‘. Connecting with others should want us to be better and if we do connect with others we will ultimately be better and more influential. If you really want to be better start connecting.

Photo credit:  joesabado.com & strangegif.com

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