Disruption for Change

10000260436_e41acd2165_oI was recently asked to come and speak at an industry gathering … The brief was as follows: ‘Please speak about disruption so that it will cause a paradigm shift in our industry’. Why is disruption so necessary in our lives today, and why does change not simply take place?

Disruption is the process of interrupting an event, activity or thinking. I am a RuleBreaker and ChangeMaker because I have decided that change is more necessary than simply toeing the line. But the problem is often that the rules are not understood and the process of change becomes the disruption. This approach is the route taken by many change processes and loses its effect. For change to be effective, disruption must take place before the change, and when change is the disruptor you have effectively put the cart in front of the horse.

To understand this process from a human perspective, it is good to go back to relationships, as life is about relationships. Imagine simply telling someone you have just met you want to marry them (that is change as a disruptor and your chances of success are minimal), however if you were able to build some trust with them and woo them, then you have disrupted their normal lives and they may be willing to change their marital status.

Old dogs never learn new tricks, and that is why true change is usually observed as new generations come with a different type of thinking. This different type of thinking however, is about allowing the new generation to think for themselves and not telling them what to think about, and this is often the failing of education. Education can be more indoctrination than education if it is controlled and not allowed to evolve. Change is inevitable and many know that, that is why resistance to change is at an all-time high. Will we be open-minded enough to see the need for change or will we like the generations before us resist change as much as we can?

It is often said that we should embrace change, but why? We have just come out of the 200 hundred year bubble created by the industrial revolution and we are no longer needing change just to be different, we are needing change to simply survive. The recent rules have changed and we have reverted to the rules of 200 years ago, but no one can guide us anymore because all those generations have passed on. We have a real need for people who can lead, who are self-actualised and are visionaries. This will only come from connecting with people and understanding their needs (or the rules that currently guide them) and then to bring about change with high regard for people and very little regard for the status quo. Yes, it is a challenge and that is what life is about.

Photo credit: maximolly / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Do you recognise some challenges in yourself or your team that need improvement? Email me on richsimmondsza@gmail.com for more on achieving the balance needed for success in your own life , and in the leadership of your organisation.

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