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To simplify is probably the greatest challenge we are faced with in life. Life has taught us how to get more, and that usually means more credit. Credit is easy, you spend money you can’t see on things that have very little real meaning. 

I often look at the cars we drive, sure they are nice to have and their payments alone get us deeper into debt. If not deeper into debt their payments prevent us from alleviating expensive credit card debt. Let’s imagine you drive a car of 500k or you dream of driving a car like that. If I gave you 500k would you buy that car? Nine people out of ten would not buy the car and would prefer to pay off debts with the money, thus reducing their financial burden. This reduction of financial burden is how many of us would see as simplifying our lives, so then the question must be asked …

Why would we buy an item on credit?

Instant gratification is how we have effectively programmed ourselves, yet we know that it is only temporary. Sometimes I hear men say oh the fancy item (in this case the car) will impress the girl. Really an item gives a single impression, whereas you could literally buy flowers daily, save a fortune and still get the value of an impression.

Changing our thinking will simplify our lives, just because something has always been done a certain way does not mean it is necessarily the right way. The time has come to think differently and simplify our lives. Your future self will thank you for the important decisions you are about to make.

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