Tele-sales … All the components of a Bad Sale!

caHonesty, integrity and trust … If you are expecting any of those from a tele-sales consultant, then you have extremely high expectations. Life is about relationships and you can only have a good relationship if honesty, integrity and trust are present. So when a ‘private number’ phones and you are silly enough to answer, then you can expect everything that has the components of a bad sale.

What are the components of a Bad Sale?

  1. The product is the focus of the complete discussion, the person spending the money are really not important.
  2. Only just enough information is given about the product, but never too much – when too much is said, it may lead to too many questions.
  3. “Which date would you like the debit order to go off on?” is like walking up to a stranger and asking if they would prefer to get married on the first, fifteenth or twenty-fifth of next month, when you have not even met them, got to know them or decided to get married.
  4. The argument is that it can be cancelled at any time – yes – and that prompts the question: if it has such little value, then why would you want it in the first place?
  5. Say Yes and we will email you the contract… if that is acceptable to you then I fear to ask how intelligent you are, but the reality is we have all fallen for this at some stage and people do every day, otherwise call-centres wouldn’t exist.
  6. The product is usually of no value, or is over-priced; that is why it was handed to some unfortunate call-centre agent to try to eke out a living from whatever the product is.

I will add to this article as soon as the next poor unsuspecting call-centre agent phones me!

Photo credit: Costa Rica’s Call Center / Foter / CC BY-ND

Does this article resonate in some way with you and are you able to ask critical questions about your own actions or that of your team that need improving? Email me on for more on achieving the balance needed for success in your own life, and in the leadership of your organisation.

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