Questions – Critical to Success

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 1.08.24 PMHow do we begin to ask better questions? Listening is the key to asking questions that will disrupt the thoughts of others. What have they said, do you understand what they have said or do you need to ask more questions to gain clarity? What have they not said? … Ask yourself why they have not said, what you thought they would say and question the possibility of what they have not said. Remember don’t ask judgemental questions, be empathetic and allow the other person to realise you have noticed them. This process will disrupt their thoughts and cause them to think deeper about what they have been saying. Real communication exists at the point where we are able to disrupt superficial thinking, so that others may begin to think about why, how and what they have said.

Simply by listening you will be noticing and showing the other person you care, trust will develop quicker and you may have just gained a real friend for life. Every moment we have is precious – use your moments wisely.

Photo credit: an untrained eye / Foter / CC BY-NC

Does this article resonate in some way with you and are you able to ask critical questions about your own actions or that of your team that need improving? Email me on for more on achieving the balance needed for success in your own life, and in the leadership of your organisation.

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