Social Media and Social Business – The Challenge

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 2.36.32 PMThe world is talking about Social Business … In fact, next week I will be attending a Social Business Conference. I have previously described Social Business as a business where more of its employees are engaged in Social Activities, (not limited to social media, but rather actively engaged in making real and new connections with potential stakeholders) than those who are not connected or engaged.

The danger is that many people will be social, but will only reconnect with those they already know too well (e.g. work colleagues)  instead of seeking new connections and using their time effectively. Notice that I am not talking about the social media platforms, but rather about being social as a whole.

Business can only be social if the attitude to connect is correct. Too often I notice that the senior people seem to think that connecting and networking is below them. If this is truely the attitude, then the senior person assumes that the business has grown to capacity and has all the customers it needs. If this is not the case however, then why is this the authentic example I see most of the leaders setting? No, unfortunately sales is everyone’s first profession, as is leadership; sales just happens to be the momentum and advancement we notice more than other areas of business.

The age old question may need to be asked and that is ‘If you are not being social and refuse to connect with people, what are you hiding?’ Perhaps you are intentionally hiding something, then you are more than justified in not being social.

Photo credit: edwardconde / Foter / CC BY-NC

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