Living the 7 Leadership Rules

Jim-Rohn-QuoteHere are Jim Rohn’s 7 Leadership Rules, let’s unpack them and simplify these rules.

  1. Strong but not Rude – Strength is vital to leadership, but our strength is determined by our ability to serve others. It is always about someone else, never ourselves. When we focus on the needs of others we release our need to control and we will never be tempted to be rude.
  2. Kind but not Weak – Kindness is vital for leadership and giving up the need to be right is often the kindest thing we can do for others and most of all ourselves. Kindness is often viewed as a weakness, however when we give up our need to be right, we allow ourselves to understand the viewpoints of others. These people ultimately are kind in return allowing us to express our viewpoints, which builds relationships.
  3. Bold but not a Bully – Boldness is important but remember the only reason we need boldness is to get time with the people we are needing to serve. When we bully others we are demanding that they serve us, and that behaviour is not leadership behaviour.
  4. Humble but not Timid – Humility comes from serving others, when we serve others we are asking that they develop as people. Humility connects us with people, yet if we are timid the other person can never respect us.
  5. Proud but not Arrogant – Arrogance comes when we think more of ourselves than we think of others. We need to have a certain level of pride, this pride drives us to do things with excellence for others. 
  6. Humour without Folly – Being humorous and entertaining but never at the cost of others, when we have a need to make fun of or criticise others we show our mental weaknesses.
  7. Lastly, deal in RealitiesDeal in Truth – the truth always sets you free, but remember that people would rather hear advice (what they wish to hear that will confirm their own thinking) than the truth, so always remember to use the truth with as much wisdom as possible.

Leadership is the privilege to serve others, it is not a right!

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