If in doubt … DISRUPT!


What happened? Well, the news will tell you that, so no need to look further. However, if you want a few different perspectives, you may need to look a great deal further.

What is happening? If you have worked that out, you are probably more clever than most of your friends; you are probably right as far as your perspective goes. There may be a million different perspectives on what happened and yours may not be the absolute truth.

What is going to happen? Most will agree that this is a virtually impossible question to answer, or is it? Again, if you are looking for absolute truth, stop right here. However if you are looking for possibilities, and to get a bit of emotional feedback, then you can proceed …

Surely no one knows what is going to happen and I will agree with that, but if you would like a different and somewhat creative, perhaps emotional perspective, ask people what they think is going to happen. They will not always be willing to share their perspective but more often than not, when you share your thoughts, they will add to them, and you will gain some perspective on what may happen. The more disruptive and different you can be in your approach, the more varied and creative you allow the thoughts of others to become. This is the power of suggestion or the art of asking the right question, and the disruptive question is the right question!

Photo credit: Chop_Suey_Stuey via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

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2 Responses to If in doubt … DISRUPT!

  1. Not only a good mentality for the journalists out there, but a good read. Really interesting.
    Thanks for posting!


  2. Keonie says:

    Thank you, I’m trying to get a very important Message out. Bring Awareness about my Disease.
    please share with others. There’s no CURE, but faith Alone will carry me and others like me far. Follow me get Aware, KEONIE72


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