Irrevocable Success

Read about Project Loon, such a great initiative.


When I was younger, we used to attend summer camp every year. It was an exciting time because it generally meant a week away from home hanging out with many of my friends and experiencing new ones. It also meant fun adventures and thrills. One particular day of our trip, someone came up with the bright idea of rowing our canoes toward the middle of the lake, docking them, and diving into the deepest portion of the water. Without hesitation, everyone was in! One of the kids who was with us was a little younger, but he loved following behind us because he thought the things we did were cool. We all dived into the water, expressing our inner daredevil. The youngster ran and jumped into the lake right behind us, but what we didn’t account for was the fact that he couldn’t handle the deeper waters. As I swam…

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One Response to Irrevocable Success

  1. Mosiuoa Leballo says:

    Great stuff man. Truely ibspirational for personal reflection. Ethics is like sex most talk about it but very few do it satisfactorily. If it was not so, we wouldnt have mens clinics.


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