Listening – beware the Money!

Instagram-for-moneyWhenever you hear someone making a sweeping statement – simply ask the following question … ‘Where is the money?’

What do I mean? Well if you hear someone say something like that, ask yourself what motivated the person to say whatever they have just said. If you can’t find a trace of money in their statement, then what they said could be true. But when you can smell the money, use every ounce of discernment you have.

The primary motivator of people is recognition, however there is very little recognition in this world. Due to this lack of recognition, we try to find recognition in other forms by comparing ourselves to others. When this comparison is done it often results in a material comparison. We thus no longer look for strengths in the people we are comparing ourselves to, but rather ignore them as this might cause us to be intimidated. So to avoid being intimidated by the other person’s strengths, we start comparing our material assets, we look at what they have and what we have. If our perception is that we have more or better than them, we think we are better – which more often than not is a lie.

Lying to ourselves is one of the biggest lies we can tell. Too often, we believe our own lies and we start to justify all our own actions. This self-justification gives us a sense of entitlement where we believe that regardless of what the world thinks, we must be right. Our opinions are thus moulded by where the money or material gains are most beneficial to us, resulting in whatever we say to being guided more by the material gain we can realise, as opposed to the truth in the situation.

Listen with discernment. Dissect the potential material gain from the truth to understand what is actually being said.

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