Helping Others and Ourselves

helping_others-879895Leadership is often a misunderstood concept, it is simply about serving people. How we ultimately serve people is to surprise them with something they need, rather than giving them something they expect.

Once we have managed to help enough other people by giving them what they need, we will in turn receive what we need. This is my experience. This truth, like most truths, can only be experienced in the actual activity, as opposed to the theory and speculation as to whether it will in fact work. I should warn you though, that if you expect something in return, you will never find it. The journey to truth is tough, exciting and very unpredictable. The results are phenomenal but will often differ from expectations, usually because we expect so little from life, when in fact we can and should expect abundance.

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1 Response to Helping Others and Ourselves

  1. mthokozisi Hlela says:

    To Mr Simmonds. Thank you for spreading the word of helping one another. For once in a our lives we have think constructively. Beginning by asking ourselves what can we do for other people instead of asking what can be done for us.


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