And Still

Another wonderful post from my friend John Drumgoole Jr.


If you’re a boxing fan like me, one of the coolest elements is hearing Michael Buffer announce the winner of a championship fight. His cadence will slow down a bit after he finishes reciting the judge’s scorecards, and then he’ll give you a big hint as to who the winner will be with the two words “and still”. This is especially the case when you have a champion who has placed it all on the line and successfully defended their title.

Many times, great offense comes from great defense. The momentum of the last Super Bowl changed significantly after a sack/fumble caused by the Denver Broncos turned into a touchdown. There are many times on the basketball hardwood when a blocked shot or steal leads to a fast-break opportunity.

Defense is a key element in success. Even the most super optimistic and offensive-minded individual can elevate their game to another…

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