The Leadership Question

ID-100128474What question would you ask a leader? Would you ask any of the following questions … Why is there such a shortage of leaders? Why don’t we see examples that we can truly follow in the leaders around us? Why are leaders corrupt? Why do leaders seemingly only think of themselves?

The above questions are some of the typical questions people ask on a daily basis about leadership. But these are not the only questions that get asked. The other questions are what are known as ‘How’ and these are questions asked by people who observe the problem and wonder how the problem can be resolved. They ask … How can we identify leaders? How can we develop people into leaders? How can we encourage better leadership? However, there is one ‘how’ question that stands out and is different from the others. The question is … How can I make a difference?

When we get caught in the trap of thinking the problem is someone else’s, we tend to ask the ‘Why’ and not the ‘How’ type of questions. When we realise that leadership is our responsibility, and only we can make a difference, we start asking How can I make a difference? What can I do, even in a small way to make a difference?

In fact the only ‘Why’ question you should ever ask yourself is … Why should I be making a difference? The answer is simply we were ‘all’; called to make a difference in the lives of others.

Let’s explore possibilities together, what can we do and what are the questions we should be asking? I would love to hear your feedback.

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