How TweetJukeBox boosted my Twitter efforts

tweetjukebox3Twitter is an amazing platform, and so much can be done to build your brand and awareness about your products on Twitter. However, Twitter can be extremely time consuming if you want to achieve any level of success.

A great deal of the time spent on Twitter is actually not engagement but creating content, deciding when is the best time to post, scheduling the posts to go out and then starting the same process again for the next post. This process will keep you busy forever and the higher your follower numbers and the more varied their locations, the busier you’ll find yourself. Then you will still need to find the time to interact with the people who follow you. This was my dilemma until I found a tool that was created by a good friend of mine Tim Fargo, otherwise known as @Alphabetsuccess on Twitter.

TweetJukeBox allowed me to add my Tweets to the system once (instead of the way many other Twitter tools work, where you need to constantly keep adding tweets – which almost becomes a full time job). Initially I added around 350 tweets to the TweetJukeBox system and started by scheduling a post every 40 minutes – to date I have over 2000 tweets in my TweetJukeBox system and I have a tweet going out virtually every 5 – 7 minutes.

There are many systems on offer that will make your life easier on the various social media platforms. However TweetJukeBox is unique in that they truly support their product and nothing is too much trouble for Tim and his team; they have assisted with login problems, reset schedules, uploaded tweet schedules and walked new users through the system within minutes of requesting help – this is astonishing as some of the competitors take 48 hours to come back to clarify a problem and most are not able to solve problems. TweetJukeBox provides a service that is second to none in the social media arena and I always recommend the product to everyone I meet.

TweetJukeBox allows me to focus on the content that I would like to interact with and retweet, and frees me to engage with interesting people on Twitter. With TweetJukeBox I can be social again and not just a content creating machine. The TweetJukeBox system even gives you the ability to plug in preloaded JukeBoxes that can be found once you have registered your own account.

I encourage you to free up your time as a content creator and login to today, so that you too can become the social person you always wanted to be.

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