Bikers destroy Children’s home… then rebuild it for #MandelaDay #B4MD2016

13533091_699320350210617_4552302911588526391_nToday, 15th July 2016, the BIKERS invaded the SAVF Belfast Child and Youth Care Centre! They graffiti-ed the walls… with a brand new coat of paint! They ripped up the carpets… and put in 400m2 of brand new carpet! They dug up the entire vegetable garden… to fix the greenhouse tunnel and plant new seedlings. Why? Well, these weren’t just any bikers, these were Bikers for Mandela Day! That’s just how they roll.

The Bikers did not start in Belfast however. Early this morning, before departing for Belfast, the group of 38 bikers met at Vodaworld in Midrand, where they helped Vodacom employees to pack 3000 Food Buckets which will be handed out on Mandela Day, the 18th of July.

En route to Belfast the bikers stopped at ALZU Petroport, where they were treated to coffee and muffins by the Appaloosa Spur.

In Belfast the spirit of Nelson Mandela was evident. As well as the painting, carpets and seedling tunnels, the Belfast Child and Youth Care Centre received 30 computers, donated and installed by Pinnacle. In addition to these, TAG – Transtech Africa Global – donated and installed a green power generator. Enrista gave R 12,000 worth of coffee. One of ours bikers – Strauss Odendaal donated 500 bars of chocolate. Joy Global donated R 100,000 and blankets, Aviat donated and handed out 200 sets of clothing worth R 80,000 for the children.

To add to the excitement,, Barcelo’s Chicken and Chip ‘n Dip provided the children and volunteers with a scrumptious lunch.

The Belfast Child and Youth Care Centre, a community-based, non-profit organisation, is a beacon of hope for vulnerable children. For the last five years, the passionate Bikers for Mandela Day have given much more than their 67 minutes to help the destitute children who depend on the home. The Belfast Child and Youth Care Centre also provides various social services to individuals and families in their community to improve their quality of life. The Bikers for Mandela Day are proud to help them do their work.

Whilst all this activity was taking place at the Belfast Child and Youth Care Centre, a small group of Bikers visited the Rusoord old age home, where they handed out blankets and goody bags containing chocolates and sweets.

The long day was concluded by a relaxing evening, exchanging stories at the Bundu Lodge in Nelspruit.

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3 Responses to Bikers destroy Children’s home… then rebuild it for #MandelaDay #B4MD2016

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  2. Albert says:

    Hi Rich….thank you so much for what you have contributed to for this weekend. Your work is awesome and very much appreciated!!!!! Best Regards…..Albert


    • RichSimmondsZA says:

      Thanks Albert it is a pleasure to be part of everything. What the Bikers for Mandela do is extremely inspirational. Keep up the good work!


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