Listening without Filters

listen-conversation-indicates-chit-chat-and-chinwag-100296982Listening, real listening, is about trying to understand what the person who is talking is actually trying to say. We always need to remember that the way the other person communicates can be different from our communication – this could be a language barrier, a belief system or a lack of vocabulary that is limiting the way they are able to communicate. If we listen with filters, only wanting to hear perfect words and good explanation – are we really listening? What if the person uses words we dislike, words that disrupt us and cause us to feel uncomfortable? Will we ever hear what we need to hear if we apply these types of filters?

We should always try to listen to understand what message the person talking is actually trying to tell us, and not try to hear just what is comfortable for us to hear. Listening has the ability of disrupting our thoughts and we should be open to such disruption. It is only when we listen without filters that we are able to be changed and challenged beyond what we think we should be hearing.

How will you allow yourself to be challenged today, and how will you stretch yourself outside of your own comfort zone?

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