Doing the iMPOSSIBLE to change lives

I have an amazing friend who is driven by passion, his name is Chris Bertish. Chris has done more in his life than many of us would hope to do if we were given five lifetimes.

11265547_931784686861117_5921253911466294121_nChris won the Mavericks – Big Wave surfing competition in 2010; in 2013 he set the New English Channel World Record: SUP, in a time of 5:26:03; and in 2014 set the New Open Ocean Guinness World Record: SUP, 12-hour Record: 130.10km/12 hours. Now you’re probably wondering what SUP stands for? Stand Up Paddle-board or SUP is Chris’s choice of craft lately. Here is a photo of Chris on a typical SUP in his home town of Cape Town.

When adventure calls, Chris Bertish is first in line! Most of us relate adventure to some sort of activities with friends, so that when we are old we can talk about our younger days, and reminisce about how wild we once were. But some adventures are different from others, and the adventure that Chris is about to attempt later this year is one of those …


An undertaking so unique, so out-of-the-box, and such an immense feat that most would believe it to be… Impossible!

When this feat is put into perspective, it would be the equivalent of paddling a marathon every day for 120 days, over 4500 miles (7500 km) to show the world what’s possible, one stroke at a time. Starting on the northwest coast of Africa in Morocco, Chris will begin the voyage to the Canary Islands, across the Atlantic Ocean, towards the Caribbean leeward Island of Antigua, before finally ending the journey in Miami, Florida. Chris will battle the currents, weather, creatures of the deep, fatigue, exhaustion and the unknown.

Below is a picture of the inside of his craft he will be using for the Trans Atlantic Crossing. The compartment you see is Chris’s sleeping quarters and shelter from the weather, including those super storms experienced on the Atlantic which can last up to 36 hours long – that in perspective is like those daredevils who went over the Niagara Falls in a barrel, except the average journey over Niagara Falls lasted no more than 20 minutes. Crossing the Atlantic is not for the faint-hearted or even the bravest; it takes another kind of brave and another kind of person to attempt these feats – Chris Bertish is such a person! You can track Chris’ progress and read his daily updated broadcast live from the ocean at the following link :

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 3.12.35 PM

You are probably thinking why would someone do something like this? So here is the …


Chris has partnered with an incredible group of corporate sponsors that have committed a huge amount to this project. These funds will be used in three areas:

Signature of Hope Trust – Build at least five schools in some of the poorest regions of (South) Africa through Signature of Hope.

The Lunchbox Fund – Establish an annuity that will provide a monthly dividend to feed and educate thousands of children in conjunction with The Lunchbox Fund.

Operation Smile – Establish an annuity that will provide a monthly dividend to pay for life-changing cleft lip and palate surgeries for children born with this facial defect through Operation Smile.

How you can get involved?

You can support the cause by donating to the project or directly to the Signature of Hope Trust.

I wish everyone in this world could have a friend like Chris, but we can certainly all follow Chris on his latest journey at the following link

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