Greed and Abundance

ID-100224329The great Ghandi once said that the world can provide enough for everyone’s need, but not everyone’s greed. Greed in the world has reached an all time high and this is spearheaded by financial institutions who are supposed to be in place to help people, when the reality is that they exist to help people stay consumer minded and oppressed by the expensive credit they offer their clients.

Social Finance has been developed so that people can manage this credit, becoming debt free and financially independent. The mechanism of Social Finance are peer to peer donation systems that certainly appeals to everyone’s need, but as a member you have a responsibility to yourself and every other participant in the system and that is simply to think abundantly.

The reality is we never give because we have, we give because we receive – therefore when we donate on a Social Finance system it is because we know we going to get. Not immediately but in due course and this is the trust people develop in the system

Safe participation in this systems is about only using the spare money that you have and using what you need from the proceeds, then continuously donating your spare money. This allows others to do the same and the system gains momentum and allows more people to benefit from participating. Social Finance is a system based on greed, yet has the ability to teach us abundance – it is one of those strange paradoxes of life.

It’s about participating daily with spare money and being consistent. This long term approach is about you, as your actions determine your ultimate results. Social Finance is about community and we are built for community, so ask yourself what am I doing for my community, before I expect my community to do something for me?

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