The CUBE – making the world a better place through Education.

Time brings change, often much faster than some of us can keep up. I observe some changes in the education systems in schools today, however my question is: how do the technological advances and connectivity on the inter-webs, social media and many other significant platforms get introduced to our evolving generations?

Ten years ago, did you forecast smart phone and applications; professional gaming; Uber; Airbnb; or even BitCoin?

Can I ask that you think ahead only five years from today – if the only way you were going to guarantee keeping your existing job was by introducing a unique and innovative dimension – what would that be? You may be fortunate enough to own your own business – what would you incorporate into your business if you knew it would double or triple your turnover? If you are an entrepreneur – how do you stay on the edge?

For me to become an effective consultant, I have had to study human behaviour for the past few years. Undoubtedly, my observation is that the established people are those who have had the advantage of being raised in a secure home, where values and manners are priority – where the living room is not only a place to watch movies, but a place where the family interacts and shares their life experiences.

Now let’s think about our children … Given the skills they have acquired at school, will they be ready for the workplace? Will tertiary education prepare them for the changing world, or will they be irrelevant or told they don’t have experience? Yes, they will be told that and they will even be told that they are overqualified. Think about it – if you are ever told you are overqualified, it simply means you are overqualified in some area which is probably irrelevant to the job you are applying for, but actually under-qualified in the skills that are required for the job.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.38.53 AMSo what will assist in preparing our children for the future?

I recently met Franco Soldi – he too, like many of us, was concerned about his children’s future, so he used the experience he had gained in the corporate world to develop a system for accelerated development – and the YPD Cube is the result.

The Cube system is a complete online learning experience which will prepare our children for jobs that don’t exist yet. The experience starts with the actual Cube, which is a series of 11 life lessons that parents and children can work through together. These lessons are presented in a way that is familiar to young people, using sound bites, animation and video. It offers fun concepts such as how to develop yourself as a brand, through to how to deal with life’s let downs.

The second part of the experience is the CUBE ONLINE COMMUNITY where our children get to share their ideas with a growing community of entrepreneurial thinkers. They can get feedback from young adults just like themselves and collaborate on new projects. There will be challenges to take part in and competitions to enter, where the children get to present their business ideas in front of potential investors and/or employers.

Where can you buy the CUBE? The cube is available online at

What is the price? $ 75 for the 100% digital version (which also includes lifetime access to the online community)

Who is the CUBE perfect for? Children and young adults between the ages of 11 and 25 years, as well as parents and family of any age, who are wanting to learn with their children.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 12.53.09 PMI highly recommend you subscribe to and start exploring this programme. Begin a new learning journey together with your children.

The Cube equips and prepares our children to be the thinkers that we need in the world today. More importantly, the system teaches children that there is a wealth of knowledge in the growing online community. This online resource centre is the place where challenges, downloads and competitions are available, and discussions happen for further learning.


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