Can you be Different?

whats-that-noiseIn 1997 Apple used the slogan of ‘Think Different’ which included a phrase ‘to the Crazy Ones’ …

Can we actually think of ourselves as different? Would we ever do anything different enough for others to consider us crazy, in any way? My brand is that of RuleBreaker and ChangeMaker – I am a disruptor and I challenge the thinking of the status quo – be that your comfort zone or the establishment. My intention is to help people think more critically, looking for opportunities to be effective, instead of just being critical for the sake of being critical. Yet many say I am crazy to brand myself like that. What do you think – would you consider that thinking differently, or is my thinking wrong?

My question is: What makes YOU different? We’re raised to compare ourselves with others, and then praised and recognised for being the best. The problem arises that when we are the best,  we need to realise that being the best is only doing things slightly better than everyone else. Should we consider the possibilities of doing things differently?

How would we know if we were the best or would we just be different? I think the beginning of progress is when others disagree with you, and say ‘you are different’. The end of progress is when they say you are the best. Sure if you are a world record holder then you have achieved something, but people will only start to notice you and admire you when you can remain the best in the world.

If what you are doing today is going to make you the best in your company, community or country, you have achieved and you should pat yourself on the back. Please don’t stay there though, ask yourself how am I going to be different and how will I achieve more?

Your viewpoint should always be: how can I exceed my own goals? When you feel you are really achieving, it’s time to look at your acquaintances: If you’re a national champion do you have friends who hold world records? If you are the best salesperson, do you have friends who are top directors of companies? If you are a millionaire, do you have friends who are billionaires? If you are the best doctor, do you have friends who are top surgeons and specialists in their field? If you’re a celebrity in your country, do you have friends who are celebrities internationally? Your friends, and the people you spend most of your time with, are where your biggest influence will come from. Change your friends if you have to, and pick the new ones wisely.

When you have a perspective different from the norm, then you can be different, and the establishment may even pay you a compliment and call you a ‘Crazy One’

Photo credit: illuminaut via / CC BY-NC-SA

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