The Power of Vulnerability

vulnerabilityWhen we think about being vulnerable, we generally think weakness. Yet what we all need to discover is the extreme power that lies in vulnerability. In fact, vulnerability can be so powerful that it could even be regarded as a super power.

Why are we so scared to be vulnerable? Is it because we may fear the judgement and disapproval of others? Why are we so worried about what others think? We should never intentionally hurt others – if we are doing that then we should definitely be worried, and change our actions. If our actions hurt other people’s feelings, and they invariably will, we should understand why this is happening and adjust if necessary. However we also need to realise that we cannot, and in fact never will, please all the people.

If you are trying to be like everyone else, then do what pleases everyone and say nothing because that may not offend people. Yet even if you are trying that, your actions or in-actions will still offend people. Unfortunately there is very little vulnerability in being a sheep, and the only thing a sheep needs to worry about is being the weakest as predators attack the weakest!

Vulnerability is about you being you and not worrying about what others think. The truth is you will only ever be noticed when you are vulnerable, as you have been true to your uniqueness and not conformed to what society expects you to be. 

Today try to be a little more you, and a little less of what people expect you to be. You would have started on a path to vulnerability! Embrace it.

Photo credit: Neshika Bell via / CC BY-NC-ND

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3 Responses to The Power of Vulnerability

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  3. Phumzile Phatedi says:

    Wow the power of vulnerability, great read and definitely empowering.


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