Are we utilising the VIDEO opportunity?

8404126021_f585ee54d8_cIt’s the weekend and nobody wants to read long articles, in fact the question is does anyone want to read? NO they simply want to chill, relax and be entertained! It’s that simple, yet most of us are missing the opportunity. I believe we are trying to connect with people on ‘our terms’ or in ways that are convenient to us. If we truly desire to connect with people we need to get out of our comfort zones and get uncomfortable. We need to start reaching out with new ideas of connecting with people… And I believe video is that opportunity.

We know that YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world, if not the biggest and did you know that YouTube combined with other online video media is the world’s largest social media platform?

Have you ever had a conversation on YouTube, shared a video with your friends of someone you actually follow and wish to build a relationship with, or has your sharing been limited to the videos that everyone is watching?

Today’s challenge is to comment and engage with the creators of YouTube videos so that you can build mutually beneficial relationships on the YouTube platform. Perhaps it is time to think about creating your own videos and sharing them online.

The opportunities are waiting for you …

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