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Leader of the Future (Part 5) – The Leader

The task of a leader is to make more leaders, not more followers. This raises an interesting question, as many of the examples we see in the world today are actually toxic leaders, so then what are the leaders creating … … Continue reading

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The Art of Disruption

Most people think disruption is actually destruction … This causes them to immediately go into survival mode – the basic flight or fight response of the human. Therefore I can actually tell you I am going to disrupt you and the response … Continue reading

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Leader of the Future (Part 4) – The Connector

In part four we focus on the actual human connection needed for leadership. We started the series with The Visionary, The Listener and in part 3 we discussed The Communicator. In the article we look at the future leader, who … Continue reading

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Leader of the Future (Part 3) – The Communicator

So far in this series I have discussed The Visionary and The Listener. Now you may be thinking that leaders should be able to communicate, so why would I write a complete article on the leader’s need to communicate? The … Continue reading

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Leader of the Future (Part 2) – The Listener

In part one of this series I discussed the value of The Visionary leader, however leaders don’t simply have vision. In order for a leader to be effective, they need to be able to serve people and the skill is … Continue reading

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Leader of the Future (Part 1) – The Visionary

When we think of the current state of leadership, we will probably all agree that leadership needs a change more than anything in our world today and I have ranted about this in previous articles. I encourage you to read Why … Continue reading

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Book Review : Together is Better by Simon Sinek

This is more than a little book of inspiration, this book is an insight into how we understand people, what motivates and ultimately moves them. Allow Simon Sinek to change your perceptions of what leadership is … As he says … Continue reading

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Toxic Leadership – The Global Reality

I recently read my friend Adriaan Groenewald’s article Actively Ridding Society Of Toxic Leaders, and I cannot agree more that we have a great deal of Toxic Leadership in our society. But I have a question … Where did these leaders … Continue reading

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How to .. Monetize your IP

What is IP you may ask? In actual fact IP stands for Internet Protocol, but in this context Intellectual Property (IP) refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; symbols; as well as names and … Continue reading

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