Leader of the Future (Part 4) – The Connector

In part four we focus on the actual human connection needed for leadership. We started the series with The Visionary, The Listener and in part 3 we discussed The Communicator. In the article we look at the future leader, who will need the ability to form associations with people.

In traditional business we could assume that we have enough knowledge within our own organisation, but realistically most of the resources were external to the organisation. The consultant became the flavour of the day. In the new world of collaboration we are no longer interested in people who tell us how things should be done – we would rather let them show us how things are done or even better do the work if they are the best in the field or the expert. Allowing people to simply do things for develops the us and them concept. If we want to achieve real success, we need strategic partners working alongside us, aligned to the vision and goals of the company as opposed to simple external suppliers.

screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-10-01-22-pmTHE CONNECTOR

The need for leadership is greater as business evolves and the changes are much quicker than we previously experienced. The leader of the future will need to have the ability to connect, assess new connections and their strategic ability to work with the existing teams and deliver together as an integral part of the team.

Why are Associations so important? – We should never assume that we can have all the skills we need or even be able to employ the right people within your organisation. Therefore  a good leader will connect with people, find out what their capabilities are and assess their strengths. The vision is to form associations that will be beneficial in the  long run. People who have resources, who can be included into project teams and who can contribute to the success of these projects. It will be the leader’s duty to chose and assemble the teams.

Will new teams be formed for each project? – Yes this is the strength of associations, you can select the right people for every task and ensure that you can be the most efficient team on every project you tackle.

Will associations change the way we work in the future? – This is probably the most disruptive and futuristic thought about the way we will work in the future. My opinion is that the way we employ people will change. No longer will you join a company and work for a couple of years, then move on to the next company. People will simply be contracted to a company for the duration of the project and once completed they will need to find find themselves the next project. Connecting will be more important than ever in the future, you will need to brand yourself and sell yourself constantly.

Leadership will need to be flexible realising that you can only work with the best people within your associations. The leader who consistently finds better connections will have the most flexibility to tackle challenges and projects in the future. It is the value of your associations  that will determine your success!

Connections are so important and our ability to connect needs to be refined. Here are some of my articles I suggest for further reading: Are we actually CONNECTED or are we just being Social? Connecting or Wasting Your Time? … Social R.O.I. and Why is connecting so hard?


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