Leader of the Future (Part 5) – The Leader

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-11-04-12-amThe task of a leader is to make more leaders, not more followers. This raises an interesting question, as many of the examples we see in the world today are actually toxic leaders, so then what are the leaders creating … More Toxic Leaders or Good Leaders?

Everything duplicates, good examples and the bad ones. So what example are we showing the leaders of the future? In this series, my intention has been to show the different characteristics needed by the leaders so that they can be effective in the future. I have discussed The Visionary, The Listener, The Communicator and The Connector. Today I look at the leadership approach that needs to be taken by the true leader of the future. This leader is not some insecure manager who has been given a title, but rather a servant to the needs of the people. This demands a unique approach and unfortunately the examples to follow are few, so instead I would encourage you to find your own path to becoming a leader. Hopefully you are driven by your sense of kindness, and the understanding you have of being a influential human who has the best interest of others at heart.

Leader in the Age of Humanity

Have you ever wondered what the next age will be? Most of what we see as development today came from the Industrial Age, which was closely followed by the Technological Age and the Age of Knowledge. It is debatable as to which age we find ourselves in currently. The Age of Wisdom could be the last age or it could be the glue that holds all the ages together. Wherever we may be in the ages at the moment, many signs point to the beginning of the Age of Humanity.

People have more information than ever before and they are able to gain more recognition than they ever have. No longer are people accepting that they are just a number in the system, but that they can actually control the system. This control is gained through finding like-minded people and gathering the Tribe together. With the rise of social media and other online platforms, it has become easy to identify your Tribe and find people all over the world who think like you do.

The challenge is: which leader will be bold enough to consider the needs of the Tribe and then serve the Tribe, gaining the respect and influence with which people honour true leaders?

OPEN Leadership – The concept of Open Leadership was uncovered by Thomas Power in the UK. I would suggest reading some of my blog posts discussing this idea: When is Leadership ORSome? which covers the thinking behind the OPEN, RANDOM & SUPPORTIVE style needed to be an effective leader. Also have a look at Pro-Active Communication (actually Leadership) and THINK … Do we need OPEN Leadership?

What do we understand about the Future of Leadership? – To be honest we know very little about the future, but we can look at the needs of people and then ask how can we serve them better – this answer will help us to be better leaders.

All that is certain is that leadership is a challenge and we will need to work with people, closer than we have ever worked before, and through this collaboration we will learn together. Hopefully we will be able to tame our egos so that we can be true servants of people and thus gain the honour of being able to effectively serve them.

See you on the leadership journey, a journey that will last forever.

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