The Perception of ‘You’ is greater than ‘Who you are’!

screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-9-13-04-amPerception is a scary concept in reality, and it is really scary when we think that the perception others have of us is completely true. It may not be the exact truth, but to the person who has formed the perception of who you are, the perception they have of you is their truth.

Therefore changing the perception others have of you may be important. It is certainly important if these people, who hold a certain opinion or perception of you, are important to you.

How do we change the perception others have of us?

Firstly you cannot change perceptions overnight, it takes time and strategy. More importantly it is about the intention you have for yourself. Intention begins with the way you see yourself:

Are you Energetic? – Do you have the ability to advance your brand and allow others to have a chance of seeing you differently? Once they notice you and only if they do notice you, will you have the opportunity to change the way they think about you.

Can you be consistent? – Consistency brings predictable success, and you will need to be consistent so that you have a chance of changing the perception of others. Then, further consistency is necessary so that they can trust you to deliver on the new perception they may have formed of you.

Do you see yourself as successful? – Success depends on your ability to see yourself as successful before you actually are. This ability will form your intention, and ultimately your intention becomes the perception others have of you.

What is your strategy going forward, and will your intention be strong enough to change the perception others may have of you?

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