Does Self – Awareness have any value?

noun – conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives, and desires.

We live in a world filled with jargon. Some of it can have value but most of the jargon is unnecessary. The word ‘self’ placed in front of many words is often useless.

Let’s look at the concept of self-awareness. I can understand that self-awareness is a starting point, but being self-aware is useless without having awareness of your surroundings. In any area you find yourself, you need to be aware of yourself in these surroundings, as well as the people and the place itself. More often than not, it is the situation we have chosen for ourselves that determines our success, or in a very real sense, our failure.

The real question is: Are you aware of the choices you have made to bring yourself into whatever situation (good or bad) you find yourself in? Do you understand the process that led you into the place you are in, or are you oblivious to this type of thinking?

Therefore, being more aware of your surrounding and the decisions that brought you into the position you find yourself today is the most important awareness you can have. What are others doing and how will they be manipulating you deeper into the situation, or perhaps how will you be manipulating them into making you feel more secure in the situation you find yourself?

Humans are the only species capable of thinking about what they think about, and then reasoning for themselves. Where will your thinking take you today?

Photo credit: Jazmin Million via / CC BY-SA

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