What if?

gratitudeThe title is a question and a seemingly simple question too. What if you … yes, think of a question applicable to you that starts with ‘What if ..’

My thoughts were exactly this and I will share my perspective and findings in this article.

What if my life in 5 years is the same as it is today? Would I be able to say I am happy, would I be content to accept the status quo or would I be sad that I had not done more to change the course of my life?  Perhaps I will ask myself if I have lost my ability to challenge myself or will I have done something that my future self will thank me for?

What if I accomplish my dreams? Will I be happier or will I perhaps be sad, disappointed in myself for allowing myself to stop dreaming and not setting more goals for myself?

What if I am unable to dream anymore? Would I search fervently until I find the ability to dream and rediscover the youthful me? Would I still have a burning desire to travel and discover new places, new people and taste the food of the world? Perhaps I will resign myself to a small group of insignificant and uninspiring people. Would I be able to pick myself up if I was down or would I expect others to do that for me? Could I justify the fact that I would blame them for my lack of fulfilment and happiness in life?

The above are questions that many people ask themselves when they feel life is squeezing them a little harder than they expected. Perhaps it is just life telling you that there is much more than you are experiencing right now, and life is actually asking you to get out of the comfort zone we call ‘normal’.

What if all I need is to be truly grateful, will gratitude be enough? What if we are thankful for what we have, in fact when last did we all just take a moment to say THANK YOU and really mean it? Can we look at our lives and realise just how fortunate and blessed we actually are?

I believe we need to be grateful and express gratitude as often as possible, because I know that …

Gratitude will open doors in our lives that did not exist previously.

Our lives can be so different, we can choose a different path and see the results as we move along the path. Gratitude is not simply saying thank you, it is so much more and it is the very thing that builds belief for ourselves. By expressing our gratefulness, we remind ourselves of the good situation we find ourselves in, (even if at worst we compare our situation to the plight of the less fortunate) and this will enable us to gain the belief to see more good things happen in our lives.

Our gratitude opens doors … What if we just expressed our gratitude daily?

Photo credit: racineur via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

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