Comfort Zones are not comfortable

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 11.11.07 AMOur comfort zones are where we deceive ourselves, and in our comfort zones nothing grows. Comfort zones are free of criticism, challenges and anything that will actually stretch us. We can only grow when we are challenged, criticized and experience some pain so that we force ourselves to say … I know there is something better for me.

The comfort zone is often the place people desire to be. However more often than not they use the perceived comfort zone as an excuse. People say “I will focus on that when my current challenge is past”, or if they are not so introspective, they will simply say that the time is not right. So when will the time be right? Well, that would be  when they find themselves in a comfort zone, and then as you may have guessed we are so comfortable in our own self-deception that we will never make a decision to actually focus on something worth focusing on. There is really no need as they have decided to believe their own self-deception.

Comfort zones are not comfortable, yet we would like to believe they are. Self-deception is when we believe the lies we tell ourselves. The only way to grow is to be honest, ask yourself the following critical questions daily:

  1. How did I grow today?
  2. Did I make a difference in someone’s life today?
  3. What did I do today that scared me?
  4. Will something that I did today contribute to my future success?
  5. Was I open and honest with myself today?
  6. Was I open to criticism so that I may grow?
  7. Did I choose to be kind, instead of being right today?

Each day we are faced with a choice, either to stagnate or grow. I do hope that we can all make a decision to grow daily as we will become better partners, parents, friends and colleagues … The choice is yours.

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