(Press Release) Fresh, friendly, ultra-stylish Italian opens in Sandton

Issued on behalf of:  Martin Louw, Septimo, 083 974 4120
By: Inky Dresner, Colourworks, 083 2977981; inky@soapbox.co.za

On the 7th of the 7th of 2017 – Septimo (meaning ‘seventh’) opened on the Square

Looking for a contemporary, vibey venue that feels approachable and serves great food? You’ll find it on Sandton Square from Friday, July 7, when a very friendly and stylish Italian restaurant opened its magnificent doors.

US-based businessmen Andreas Kaiafas and Paul Lycos teamed up with South African restaurateur, Martin Louw, to bring an international-standard restaurant to Joburg – South Africa’s most cosmopolitan city. Paul literally grew up in his parents’ Italian restaurant in Philadelphia and Martin Louw has spent 20 years working in the top restaurants and hotels internationally and locally. The three restaurateurs make a formidable team.

Well-known architect, David Borchardt, brought their smart, modern vision to life. David used copper and stained concrete to craft an on-trend, industrial-look-and-feel, then ingeniously added layers of sophisticated wood to softened the space, adding elements of friendliness and warmth to the modern atmosphere. The popular brother-and-sister team, Mike and Rita Collaro, from Collaro Design, expertly added the furniture and fixtures. The result is an industrial-yet-soft feast for the eyes that would be at home in the trendiest Milano neighbourhood.

The fresh, seasonal cuisine is prepared by chef Nikita Zoulis, with his outstanding ability to transform ideas into incredible food. They have kept their delicious menu small, concentrating instead on seasonal and sustainable produce. Most of the food can be traced directly back to the source, literally to the farm the meat came from, or the boat the fish was caught on.

Septimo is a multi-purpose space, offering a New York-style Italian deli; a chef’s table – the best place to view the theatre that is the open kitchen; and daily fresh bread to entice the senses. There is also an uber sexy bar with deliciously soft lighting that makes everyone look gorgeous.

Sit on the patio, people-watching over the square, while you enjoy a long, lazy lunch. Or sit inside with friends and family enjoying each other’s company in the great atmosphere. Septimo offers something for everyone. If you only have time for an on-the-go sandwich, they’ll make you one; if you want a quick thin-crust pizza, they’ll give you that too. If you have more time to enjoy the stunning space, sit and be delighted by the fantastic homemade pasta and the most divine ‘sin free’ flourless chocolate torte.




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