No Support from your Network Marketing Upline can actually be to your advantage.

Article by Ray Higdon

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Do you have no local support from your network marketing upline? If so, this could actually be to your advantage.
Here I explain exactly how to create success despite having no upline and no warm market.
No Support From Your Network Marketing Upline
The question that is way to common, “There’s no local support, what do you suggest?”
By saying there’s no local support, that indicates to me that you feel that may be a requirement, of which there is not. There is no requirement for local support.
You can look at it a couple of different ways.
Most people will find the negative in any situation. So if there’s no local support they’ll be like, sad face. Or if there is a lot of support they will be like “Oh, the market so saturated.”
Whereas the winner will say, “Oh my gosh, no one in my city knows about it? Rock on!” Or they’ll see it when there’s a lot of people and they’ll say, “Holy crap, the support here’s amazing!”
Just know that local support, great upline, abundance of support from friends and family, are all NICE TO HAVES.
If you have them, nice. Congrats.
Oh you got a good upline? Oh they actually return your calls? Congrats, that’s so cool. Not a requirement.
Oh your friends and family they don’t mock you? They don’t call you an idiot and say you’re in a scam? That’s so cool. Not a requirement.
Success In Network Marketing
People create success NOT because they had a lack of obstacles or an abundance of support. They create success because they were going to create success.
They created success whether you air shipped them to the middle of the Antarctic, or if they’re in the ghetto. People who are going to create success are going to create success.
So my suggestion to you is just understand the obstacle is the way. If there’s no local support, perfect. If there’s an abundance of local support, perfect. If you don’t have support from your friends and family, perfect. If you have people mocking you and calling you names, perfect.
Two Words To Embrace For Success In Network Marketing
So you have to make it, you have to embrace two words. The word until, and the word despite.
You’ve got to do the work, and the work sucks. The work is no fun. If you don’t feel like quitting in a couple days or in a week, then you’re probably not working hard enough. Unless you have achieved a level of success already, keep going until.
I know people that they get in network marketing, 30 days later they’re like, “I don’t think this is working out.” They never should’ve joined. Just go buy some quesadillas or something. Have some enjoyment out of your money. Why would you ever join a network marketing company for 30 days? It makes no sense. None. What were you thinking would happen in 30 days? Some miracle?
The word until. I’m going to do the work until.
I’m going to create success despite. Despite friends and family making fun of me. Despite people who are writing nasty articles about me. Despite those talking behind my back. Despite being in foreclosure, being dead broke, being having to duck and dodge bill collectors.
So despite all that stuff. Despite the bad childhood. Despite being dead broke. Despite having failed in a bunch of different companies. Despite not having support. Despite being made fun of. Despite being in a company that that company right then had no resources, no sales tools, no flyers, no business card, no brochures, nothing.
You can create success despite ALL obstacles. And I do mean all. Despite health conditions. Despite marital problems. Despite everything in your life, you can create success, and when you do, that’s inspiration.

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