Network Marketing – Who are you joining?

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 11.32.44I have heard people say “Nobody will sign up under me”. That’s just the truth, they won’t sign up under you. You know why? You haven’t signed up yourself!

“You can’t be followed until you start moving” – In real life, overtaking is allowed, though.

Some also say “I don’t believe it works”. You risked years going to school, paying fees, reading all night not knowing if you would score a good grade or even get a job after graduation; yet you took the risk. “The evidence is staring you in the face”.

Others say “I’m not sure it will last”. Like your salaried job; today you’re employed and  tomorrow you’re either retrenched or fired, but that didn’t stop you from getting up early and rushing to work today.

“Taking risk is risky, not taking risk is riskier”. Choose your risk wisely. Invest in a system that you believe in and others will buy your belief.

Think about that!

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Retired but still Disruptive
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