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(Advertorial) bet-game Sport Business Opportunity

If I told you it was possible to use the sports betting industry to make money, and you didn’t have to place a bet yourself, would you be interested? We have a new opportunity in a multi-level platform that allows … Continue reading

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Social Media in the classroom.

Social media is here to stay. Making a statement like that makes social media sound like something that arrived at some stage of our lives, much like the radio, television or cellphone. Is social media really something that has arrived … Continue reading

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Are you a National Leader?

bet-game Sport is a binary team Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business opportunity, and the company’s activities are in the multi-billion dollar sports betting industry. The company is led by DeJesus Ramirez, who founded the company in 2017. Although the company is … Continue reading

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You’re never too young or too old …

Inspiration courtesy of Pablo “No matter how old you are now. You are never too young or too old for success or going after what you want. Here’s a short list of people who accomplished great things at different … Continue reading

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