(Advertorial) bet-game Sport Business Opportunity

DesktopIf I told you it was possible to use the sports betting industry to make money, and you didn’t have to place a bet yourself, would you be interested?

We have a new opportunity in a multi-level platform that allows you to make money, either simply by buying a package and allowing it to give you returns, or by adding people under you in the network, thereby earning commissions, additional bonuses and extras along your bet-game Sport career path.

For people who want additional income, to work from home, to build their nest egg, or to finally realise their dreams, this is for you. Take a gamble and read the rest of this article. Go to the website and learn more. Ask questions and find out what’s in it for you. This is a real opportunity and it is waiting for you.

The company is new and it’s dynamic. The owner is from Paraguay and he is a well-connected member of the government there. He owns multiple businesses across various sectors and he wants YOU to make money out of his latest venture. His dream is for his children and their children to one day inherit this business.

There are various packages available for you to begin with, from a $125 package all the way to a $10025 package – all of these packages offer monthly bonuses from 15% – 25%, You will receive these monthly bonuses just by being a member and doing about 2 minutes of social media posting a day. Should you decide to tell others about bet-game Sport you can receive direct bonuses, indirect referral bonuses and earn binary bonuses from the people you introduce into the business.

There are many additional benefits and I advise you to investigate further and see for yourself how you can gain from this. The company makes its money from the sports betting industry, and from Bitcoin mining, the former being a huge money spinner, the latter having been recently introduced to assist in payments of network bonuses. Your bonuses and commissions will be paid to you in Bitcoin (which is easily converted to cash), and withdrawals are possible once you have at least $300 in your back office. 

Apart from the placeholder position, all packages are allowed to gain bonuses to the limit of three times the original package, before you need to renew and start again. This can happen over any amount of time, depending on whether you are building a team, or just gathering your monthly bonuses. The choice is yours.

For more information, please look at our website that was created for the English-speaking world: www.betgamesport.info

I look forward to seeing you in the winner’s circle.

Video Presentation link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSfaCHuV0kY&list=PLzzdFtHLOaMck8B3RpW2tsvVRU1wfYhIE

Email me at rich@bet635sport.net or WhatsApp; +27663061938 and I will assist you with information on getting started with bet-game Sport or fill in the form at the following link and we will get back to you : https://www.betgamesport.info/contact




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