Artificial Intelligence takes out the guesswork in Marketing

Recently I’ve been hiring talkingAds marketing strategizing service and planning and they are absolutely amazing.

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 15.19.27 is an online marketing agency that offers multiple online marketing services including fully managed affiliate programs of its advertisers. Among the many services, their AI media buying technology can also improve and optimize the performance of your campaigns.  Their award-winning services are being reflected in the productive partnerships between advertisers and publishers in their networks. They are doing great market research in order to achieve their strategic campaigns.

talkingAds’ dedicated team approaches each campaign with enthusiasm and brings a wealth of experience to the table. Individual projects bring their own set of unique challenges, and so they are each tackled with a unique approach giving every client a bespoke, tailored service to achieve the optimum results. 

What is special about talkingAds as an online marketing company for the advertisers?

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 15.22.11talkingAds understand their client’s marketing needs. They are using their own AI media buying machine that buys from the best sources on the internet. This is a special AI technology that their developers build over the years. This technology is integrated with many other systems and calculates its mathematical plan, while also considering also BI data in real time, in order to take decisions about the campaign management. 

talkingAds mainly work with exclusive clients with long term partnerships. Each client gets a full service of acquisition management, including: building concepts, marketing materials, planning the whole journey of the customer from when he sees the ad on the internet until he registers to the client’s website. They buy the media and manage the activities of the client’s affiliates and publishers. Furthermore, each client gets support from dedicated teams of BI, designers, project managers and account managers, as well as being matched with affiliates that best suit their profile.

talkingAds offers a host of performance marketing services including Marketing Management Services where they are capable of handling your entire creative ecosystem for everything from desktop, mobile, video, social and email marketing, thus maximizing your reach, engagement and profit. Media Buying capabilities include value added programs and media promotions to enhance the performance of your content. From researching media vendors and programming to post-buy analysis, they deliver plans that stretch your dollars to the maximum.

Why Join the talkingAds Affiliate Program as an affiliate? 

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 15.21.52There are many affiliate programs, but what makes talkingAds different from the other companies is that they also have teams experienced in affiliate management, and they have an advanced selection process. They invest more time getting to know and understand what their affiliates would like to get out of the program. Once affiliates are selected, talkingAds will give the support they need to order to succeed. 

In summary I can say that I made the correct choice. We will continue to use/hire the talkingAds marketing strategy and planning service, as they are absolutely amazing.

talkingAds is capable of making a difference to your performance marketing campaigns.

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