Why bet-game Sport?

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Hello, my name is Rich Simmonds from South Africa. I am a businessman and author, and I have been in network marketing for over 20 years. I have always looked for a company that offers a multi level marketing system that can be a solution for all of its members, not just the top leaders. Unfortunately, in so many network marketing companies, only a handful of people will be successful while others seem to make just enough or not even enough. We might assume they just did not get enough momentum or they never got to the critical mass.
This is the common truth with most opportunities in this industry and usually the fault lies with the compensation plan – often it is designed to benefit the company and only reward the very successful. I see it regularly with conventional businesses and sales teams where the goals are always moving, and the movement only benefits the company and never the people doing the work.
I have been searching for a sustainable company with a compensation plan that makes it possible for average member to earn well, instead of just the leaders.
At the beginning of 2018 I was introduced to bet-game Sport by my friends Goretti and Fernando de Sousa from Madeira, which is a Portuguese region off the north coast of Africa.
I joined bet-game Sport at the end of January 2018 and became the first english speaking person in the company, there were a few challenges at the start as most of the material was in either Portuguese or Spanish, and together with my wife Marina we developed the english presentation and other support materials. But despite these challenges I was still able to earn well over $1000 in the first month.
In April 2018, the owner and president DeJesus Ramirez together with the Top Leader Pereira and his wife Katia came to visit us in South Africa. Our up-line Sponsors Goretti and Fernando were also in South Africa to translate and help us understand the business.
What impressed me most about DeJesus Ramirez was that everything he does is focused on the long term sustainability of the company. His vision is to establish a successful company that his children and grandchildren can inherit.
DeJesus Ramirez is a family man with 5 children, his business interests in Paraguay are in the Travel, Insurance and commercial property sectors. DeJesus is also a member of Parliament in Paraguay.
Why I like the bet-game Sport compensation plan so much….
Simply it is fair and it makes good business sense. Regardless who you are in the company you will always need to have an active package.
With bet-game Sport if you would like to be a leader, it is because you have decided to serve your team and not yourself. This is your business and as your leadership develops, your potential will determine how successful you will become, but you will receive exactly the same benefits as every other member. This is networking and everything duplicates.
bet-game Sport guarantees that you always get 3x the value of your package or a return of 300% or a net return of 200% in bonuses. If you take a $3000 membership package for example you will get $9000 in total bonuses. How quickly you receive those bonuses is entirely up to you, some people will take 15-20 months with just their membership, and others may do that in three to four months, by recruiting and earning extra bonuses. But regardless of who you are or what package you choose, you will always receive a monthly bonus from bet-game Sport.
We do have presentation videos that explain the passive income and business opportunity in detail, here is the link https://youtu.be/YSfaCHuV0kY
As I mentioned, I was looking for an opportunity with a company that provides well for ALL its members, and with bet-game Sport, I have found it.
I attained the Ruby level within 7 months of joining this business and because I was doing active recruiting I earned well above the Ruby average.
I have members in my team that have achieved the Ruby level within a month of joining and others who have reached the level within 4 months, but that is the beauty of network marketing you determine your own pace.
The bet-game Sport business opportunity really does have the potential for you to build your business into a truly passive income where your income is greater than your expenses.
I invite you to join bet-game Sport and experience the opportunity for yourself. Bet-game Sport is here to stay and never before has the opportunity for financial freedom been within the reach of so many people.
Thank you for your time. I look forward to meeting you and working with you in bet-game Sport.
Should you wish to make contact with me, please email me at rich@simmonds.co.za or fill in the contact form below.


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Father | Professional Speaker | Top 50 International & Forbes Top 10 African Social Influencer | RuleBreaker and ChangeMaker | Author 5 Night Plan & MugAndTweet Books
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  1. always this ADvertise slow down Economie


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