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Cryptocurrencies and Online Income

Thinking of doing some alternative investing? Many people still ask should they be buying Bitcoin and will it ever see the growth that it had in 2017? Bitcoin is the crypto-currency that determines the price of every other crypto-currency. No … Continue reading

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Disrupting Thought Leadership

Is there anything that is not disrupted today? We understand that technology is in a constant flux, and disruption around technology is the norm that causes innovation and new products to be developed. Hold on- but is this article not … Continue reading

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Re-Invent Yourself

The concept of re-inventing oneself seems bizarre and yet many of us are not happy with where we seem to be in life. Did we choose to be here or did we land here due to our circumstances? There is … Continue reading

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4 Steps to better Social Media Marketing

Social media has changed the way we communicate and has definitely made communication more informal. Communicating well and receiving the impact you are looking for depends on four key factors: Leadership – this is the one business ‘idea’ are you … Continue reading

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Multiple Streams of Income

The wise investors will tell you that the best strategy is a diverse one, but what exactly does that mean? The simple answer is ‘do not put all your eggs in one basket’. However we all know that the big … Continue reading

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