4 Steps to better Social Media Marketing

pexels-photo-267350Social media has changed the way we communicate and has definitely made communication more informal. Communicating well and receiving the impact you are looking for depends on four key factors:

Leadership – this is the one business ‘idea’ are you promoting. If you want to be successful people need to be able to determine what you are about. People like to put other people in boxes, even if we don’t like being put in these boxes. People get a sense of comfort knowing what we stand for and where we belong, it makes them feel at ease. This is how trust is built, and when people trust you they can follow you.

Consistency – how often do you promote your ideas and how varied are your posts? Find something for everyone who likes what you do and share regularly. Decide if you will be posting weekly, once a day, or once every few hours, and then stick to your plan. Consistency builds relationships.

The bottom line is if you don’t post regularly enough, you will be wasting your time. On the other hand if you post the same picture / message or too much of the same, people will miss it and you will lose impact.

People often ask how much and what should I be posting? Let your posts excite you, find things that you are excited about and present those ideas in the best way possible. If you don’t get fired up about your own posts, what do you think your audience will do?

Experience – it is important to share your experience and incorporate the stories of others to bolster this, but keep things real and share your authentic experiences. People want to hear the truth from you, so tell them how you felt and what is important to you. Remember that your posts will resonate with people who are similar to you, the chances of attracting people that are very different from you are small.

When sharing your experiences try to relate to a normal person and what they would do. If you received an expensive gift or had an opportunity to experience something that would not normally be in your budget, try as much as possible to communicate on a level of the normal person who would be paying for something. Always try to keep things at the believable level. Sharing photos can be better than words,  as sometimes words can give the perception that you are bragging.

Results – have you tried something or experienced something? Share your feelings and results, and show evidence of your experience by posting something. Be honest and tell people how it made you feel. Should you need to complain, remember that it is your perspective, and most times when things are not said, people can easily read between the lines.

Social Media marketing does take time and effort, so find a rhythm that works for you. You are creating a relationship with people and you should always remember that.

People don’t respond immediately, but they do watch you. They are watching to see if you are a leader and if you can stick to your story. They need to perceive you as successful in some way, and if they see that they will continue watching. Remember you are not looking for people to follow you, you are providing the information that people have been looking for. It comes back to leadership and good leaders serve others … How are you serving your followers?

Image : https://www.pexels.com/photo/apps-blur-button-close-up-267350/

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