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When … is your time?

We have all been conditioned to wait, it may have started when we waited to be fed as babies. This taught us to be patient and realise that life works on a routine. It’s never a bad idea to be patient … Continue reading

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Emotional Validation

I just had a really interesting meeting with a new associate. They mentioned the need to always make the correct impression regardless of what is really happening in our lives. Yes, whether things are great or our lives are falling … Continue reading

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Companies, Value & Personal Brands

More than 15 years ago, business guru Tom Peters and other consultants first suggested the concept of the personal brand. The concept was laughed at and scorned by conventional business, and big brands believed that the power was with the … Continue reading

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Are you a National Leader?

The Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) industry is growing and the dynamics of the industry have changed from 20 years ago when cleaning and health products dominated the industry. Today the industry is diverse and represents a broader economy and a vast … Continue reading

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Learn to Travel – Travel to Learn

Travel has a different meaning for everyone but have you ever considered what it means to you? It has been said that we are either running from something or we are finding something. Our origins are as hunter-gatherers, and it … Continue reading

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10 Types of Italian Coffee Decoded and Pronounced

By Whitney Richelle (this article originally appeared on the StudentsVille Blog) Sure, you’ve had an espresso and a cappuccino, but that’s just the tip of the Italian coffee iceberg, my friends. Coffee in Italy is a thing of its own. Even if you’re … Continue reading

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How to Design Value Propositions in B2B Marketing

Originally posted on Futurist:
This article has been adapted from a two-part post by @claudiomkd which you can find here:  Part1 and here: Part2   Reducing the sales cycle with laser-focused value propositions If one thing I learned about B2B markets during…

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The Secret Sauce: Working Effectively With B2B Influencers

Originally posted on Futurist:
As traditional advertising loses is glamor and agencies convince their clients that influencers are the way forward, companies face countless pitfalls in their attempt to target audiences in meaningful ways. Influencers are a fickle bunch. You…

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