Are you a National Leader?

The Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) industry is growing and the dynamics of the industry have changed from 20 years ago when cleaning and health products dominated the industry. Today the industry is diverse and represents a broader economy and a vast array of opportunities.

In recent years, opportunities have emerged in the travel services segment offering discounted flights and holidays. In the last year, a new company has emerged in the Hotel investment arena, which gives everyone an opportunity to own part of a hotel/group of hotels thanks to the power of Blockchain technology. It is only with the power of Blockchain technology that it is possible to have hundreds of thousands of small investors and keep track of the investment ledger at the same time. Using cryptocurrency as the payment method ensures that small investors can also receive their dividends without the exorbitant costs of forex exchange and cross border banking fees.

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Who are we looking for?
We are looking for pioneers, people with vision and determination to take this opportunity into new countries. Of course, this will happen whether you want to be a pioneer or not, but we feel that this article may inspire some to be the pioneers and leaders of huge markets in the next year or two.
How will we assist those who would like to be pioneers? 
We will give you the necessary training and provide you with the support material to get you started, followed by training and support for your growing team and your upcoming leaders.
We are committed to doing launch events and seminars when your membership numbers justify this. We realise every market is different and we will discuss this target with you from the start.
What do we expect from you?
You will need to join the company with a membership package, you can decide which one you would like according to your resources. We know that when people have a membership package they can research the opportunity from inside and get the true facts. It is those facts that you will be sharing when you meet people and expand your business.
Yes, we expect you to run this like your business and you will see the benefits of aligning yourself with this opportunity, just like we have.
If you are an entrepreneur you will immediately see the benefit of having a business opportunity like this, where you have no overheads, no staff and you can go to where the people are, instead of waiting for the people to come to you.
Who will you be working with?
As an English speaking person, you will be working with me, Rich Simmonds and my support team. I am currently based in South Africa but I am a traveller and love meeting new people, and most of all I like to help people develop into business people who are financially free.
I know there are many opportunities available, but this one could be the one for you. This is the business I have chosen to build my future in. This is the opportunity to be part of history, but you will need to decide if this opportunity is for YOU.
If you are a leader, I would like to hear from you. Please email me at

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