When … is your time?

screenshot 2019-01-23 at 14.01.05We have all been conditioned to wait, it may have started when we waited to be fed as babies. This taught us to be patient and realise that life works on a routine. It’s never a bad idea to be patient – especially when dealing with others!

Could it be that we were raised in a more traditional environment where children had to be seen and not heard? It’s seldom bad to be a good listener and to learn from old and wise counsel.

We may have needed to wait to be fit enough to be chosen for the sports team and perhaps we needed more practice working on our skills, nevertheless, we needed to wait to be chosen. Sport can teach us many things, but more importantly, it often teaches us that only the best will be chosen and we need the disciplines of practice and time to make it to the top.

Going to schools, colleges and universities taught us to wait, we were often not the best in our class and we needed to accept this. More importantly, the education system taught us to wait for the certificate, degree or professional qualification before advancing. Yes, these are all wonderful disciplines, and I would certainly not like to cross a bridge built by an inexperienced engineer or have an unqualified physician attend to me.

So what’s the problem? These examples above and many more like them teach us to wait, and although these processes teach us valuable lessons, the real question is ‘what are we actually waiting for?’

We all hear people saying some of the following statements: ‘I will do that as soon as …’ and ‘When I have that, I will …’ or even worse ‘Someone will recognise me and give me a break …’

NO … Life is happening while you are waiting, you need to take action today, the action that will lead you down the road to success. Muhammad Ali the great boxer said ‘I am a Champion’ long before he ever won a title fight. He trained like a champion, thought like a champion, spoke like a champion and fought like a champion … and guess what, he was a champion – the world heavyweight champion of the world in 1964, 1974, and 1978. So even when he got knocked down, he kept coming back for fourteen years still believing his own words ‘I am a Champion’.

muhammad-aliYou have everything you need to be the champion in your area of influence. Don’t wait for someone to give you the big break. The reality is people will only recognise you when you believe you are the champion. You need to get your intention clear, set your goals and start doing what champions do … Champions think, work and fight with the intention that they are the best, they are not waiting to be the best.

Again … You have everything inside you to be a champion, you don’t need to wait, but if you think you can stand on others and use them along the way you will never be a champion, you will just be a gangster! The world needs real champions, who are prepared to use their strengths and talents to be an example, to make effective and meaningful change in the world.

YOU are the next champion, yes you the person in the mirror … Your time is now!

If not now, then when?

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