No Selling or Recruiting necessary

screenshot 2019-01-27 at 10.12.47This is the catchphrase of many online adverts these days, usually referring to online money making opportunities. What makes this phrase so attractive is that most people have a deep desire to be successfully lazy. Yes, the truth is most people would like to receive money from doing nothing. Their dreams are to win the lottery, inherit millions from some uncle they never knew or collect millions from joining a money making opportunity.

The truth is they will actually become lazy, but the reality is that they will not have the money to really be successfully lazy, and the laziness will continue and the money will remain out of reach forever.

It is the universal principle of sowing and reaping. If we don’t work we cannot get the fruit from our labour. If we have the opportunity to work, we should work diligently and if we work a little, we will earn a little. We should all try to work smart, but to reach any degree of success we will need to work.

I have heard it said that if you are not selling you are not growing. I have also heard many people say ‘I am not good at selling’ and ‘I don’t like recruiting my friends’. Do you think anyone really likes selling? No, I can tell you they don’t, but at some time in their lives, they decided that they needed to do some selling to get the results they desired.

There are opportunities that offer you a return on your investment, and you have no further need to recruit. These opportunities sometimes offer a return that is more than you will receive from traditional systems. (If you have enough money to live from your returns, then well done to you because you have worked and you are already wealthy)

The bottom line is if you would like to get ahead and earn enough to become financially free and be wealthy, you are going to need to do some selling and recruiting.

Should you require information on some of the more reliable opportunities that are available, please feel free to contact me at

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