Your wife thinks you’re an A-Hole too!

Screenshot 2019-02-17 at 20.00.34I have worked with many people in my life and believe me, for every A-hole that I have met and gotten to know a bit better, I can assure you their wives or partners share my opinion. I am sure these women or partners just stick around for the sake of the children or the money.

By way, if you are an A-hole and I am standing on your foot, please move your foot. (I sincerely hope you are not).

Why am I writing this, at this point in time? Well, I have just been reminded that there are still A-holes in this world and one has just crowned himself A-Hole of the week by shooting two baby elephants in what he calls self-defence. I am not going to name him in this post as we all know that next week some self-absorbed A-hole will kill a giraffe, a bear, some other poor animal or maybe even his partner because he thinks he is mighty and powerful. In fact, he is just insecure and needs to prove that he doesn’t have enough testosterone to be an actual man, so he kills an innocent animal.

I feel very strongly about people who have such poor self-esteem that they need to express how great they are by killing animals or hurting other humans who are much weaker than they are.

Food for thought and thanks for taking the time to read my rant.


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