Disruption in Customer Engagement and Influencer Marketing

Screenshot 2019-02-24 at 12.35.44We all want to increase our sales and make more money, but traditionally we used advertising to get the message out to the people. No one cared what the actual response was, it was all about the bottom line and raising awareness of the products and services we needed to sell.

Advertising made marketers lazy and kept them from recognising and telling successful stories.

However, with the introduction of Social Media, the focus changed from mass market to the individual. Stories are the key to engaging with individual people, but the stories need to resonate with that person. We can ask ‘Why social media? The answer is simple, social media is one step closer to relationship and ‘Life is Relationship’.

Screenshot 2019-02-24 at 12.30.52When we observe our own emotions, if someone does not listen to us, we become frustrated and usually begin shouting. Marketing can be effective if we focus on empathy and serving others, instead of instructing them and coercing them to buy our product or use our service.

I observe so many tools and ways to automate customer engagement. Some of these have merit in measuring direct marketing and may create a funnel, but are ineffective in nurturing relationships. Now I challenge you to listen for the sales bullshit, everyone wants to sell you something that will automate your life. What are they actually telling you? If it were that easy, you could have purchased something that would have automated your relationship, your marriage or even your role as a parent.

Relationships with our customers, just like relationships with our loved ones takes work. It is work, real empathy and serving the other person that opens the lock, you cannot buy a key.

Empathy and Service

This can become a very complex discussion, but I am going to simplify this by saying it boils down to being kind. If we are able to think about being kind instead of right, we will always have empathy for others and the service they get from us will be outstanding.


The saying goes you can promote anything but you cannot promote yourself – allow influencers to promote your brand, your product and your service. Choose many influencers with different personalities and different ages to ensure you reach a broad spectrum of your audience.

Take time to engage with influencers, just like you would like to engage with the best customers. Influencers can be great strategic partners with you if you use these influencers effectively, allow them to test your audience by telling different brand stories. Make sure they engage with their audience to find more brand stories.

There are no shortcuts, just a long visible path for those who are prepared to work for success.

Image: https://pixabay.com/en/destruction-cube-3d-matter-solid-2584744/

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