Royal Investor Club – Your invitation awaits

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Author: Marina Caenazzo

The Royal Investor Club offers you the opportunity to join an exclusive club, backed by a wealthy Real Estate Development Company. As an investor, you will get a 50% return on your investment during your 6-month contract. This means if you invest $1000, for 5 months you will be paid 10% ($100) each month, giving you a total profit of 50% ($500) and in the sixth month, you can choose to re-invest your money or get your capital back.

It is as simple as that, and it is not a scam. This is a privately owned company that has been running since 1977, and they opened up the investment opportunity in 2014, simply because their family and friends also wanted to be involved in the successful business. The company has massive development contracts and uses your capital to help finance these. As an investor you benefit from the security derived from the property development company, and their additional income earners which include Amazon e-commerce (financing the acquisition of high-demand, fast-moving items), Precious Metals (Gold), High Return Investments in the Cayman Islands & Switzerland, and in their latest addition – the chartering of private jets and helicopters.

The company has been run by three successive generations and they would like to help others achieve their goal of becoming financially free. To date, the company has completed multi-million dollar projects in Mexico and America, with new projects in Dubai this year (2019) and in London (2020).

To join you have to be referred by an existing member, and the minimum start-up is $750. You can invest up to $250k should you choose to do so. If you invest $2500 or more, you will have additional benefits to the 50% profit. These include nights in luxury timeshare units and nights in the prestigious Four Seasons Hotels.

This is an investment opportunity that will definitely help you finance your dreams, however big or small they are. This is not a network marketing company or a multi-level marketing opportunity. You simply invest your money and watch it grow. However, should you wish to empower others to build their financially secure future, you may invite them to join the club, and you will receive a 10% commission paid directly to you within 72 hours. For those wishing to take advantage of the extra commission, there is an added bonus commission once you have completed 5 direct referrals.

For more information, please click on the link or send me a message. Your opportunity to earn 50% profit

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