Your Heart’s Desire

love-2515140_960_720You’re only truly free when you discover your mission, purpose and direction in life. This can be summed up in one phrase – “your heart’s desire”

The average life consists of 20 years of your parents asking you where you going? 40 years of your spouse asking you where you going? And in the end, your friends wondering where you are going? We are poor when we have no idea how to answer these questions with some degree of certainty.

In life, we will come across many good ideas, but the truly great ideas, the ones that capture and imagination and bring us joy just thinking about them; are the ones that truly capture our heart and are worth pursuing. In fact, the pursuit and the work towards this will not turn us into workaholics but “workaphiles”, lovers of work.

I have found that through the Mastermind Conversation Group concept, suggested by Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich” to be one of the most effective ways to help groups of people discover their purpose in life.

The choice to stop or pursue is the defining moment in your life. When that decision is made, nothing else matters, not the past, not the risks and circumstances – just the decision to pursue it matters.

We must desire something to be alive – when this desire is evident we will bring great joy to our parents, our spouses and our friends, as there is nothing as good as seeing someone else pursuing their purpose in life. They will no longer ask you where you going, they will simply say they love you!


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