Facial recognition and responsibility go hand in hand

Untitled.002by Marina Caenazzo

Camatica is the South Africa-based leader in facial recognition and has a product to suit most uses. AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the form of smart storefront cameras take CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to the next level.

Facial recognition is becoming bigger day by day, as it moves out of a security only type use to a broader business and retail-based utility.

Facial recognition with a purpose is the main aim of the company, as the use of this technology allows for instant recognition of potential shoplifters, which would help with shrinkage and loss in general. The next goal for facial recognition broadens into building better relationships with clients.

Potentially a store would be able to strengthen relationships with existing clients, by offering them products and items related to things they have shown a personal preference for in the past. A personal greeting as they enter the store would be followed up with a message about specials or information that pertains to them as an individual, giving the customer the chance to act on this information, as if attended by a personal shopper.

While the technology is an excellent concept, the onus will fall on the stores themselves to use the information provided by the facial recognition system with extreme sensitivity.

Privacy is a big buzzword today, and while some customers may love the idea of being recognised and feted as a VIP, others may want to turn and flee at the idea of being observed and their “usual habits” recorded and acted upon.

The store may also lose the opportunity to see a new customer that has never been in the store as a new VIP because they do not have data to match the observed person. Who knows if the casual buyer is in fact a potential big customer that would spend a fortune given the chance? Perhaps the sales person would be too busy waiting to show their usual “VIP” something that may appeal to them, or add to their potential purchase of the day, while the unrecognised customer quietly slips into the background, possibly even shrugged off by the eager sales person who has their focus solely on their “target”, or assumed big customer of the day.

If the facial recognition technology provides the opportunity to greet the customer as they enter the store, this should come with an opt-in function that allows the customer to choose whether or not they are looking for or wanting additional attention. Just because they normally purchase in the store, does not mean that today is automatically another purchase day. Maybe they are wanting to browse a little without an eager sales person breathing down their neck, looking for ideas for an upcoming gift or something along those lines. On the other hand, they may love the attention, and relish the idea of being shown the items that match previous purchases or additions to purchases already made.

Camatica have the technology and the products that will help build your business in terms of Artificial Intelligence and Customer Relationship Management. With their help you will be able to extend your database and get to know your client base on a more intimate level, allowing you to serve your customers to the absolute best of your ability. However, the responsibility for this deeper knowledge of your customers should rest heavily on your shoulders. Knowing when to act on the information provided as the customer walks in the door is a matter of strict training and careful staff education. Used with the utmost sensitivity, you have a powerful tool that will strengthen the relationships you have with your existing and potential clients.

Camatica, with their sophisticated facial recognition technology, have handed you the baton, it is now over to you to win the customer satisfaction and loyalty race.

More information is available on camatica.co.za

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