Shoplifters Beware… #AI knows who you are

Untitled.001Shoplifting is a bigger problem than many of us ever imagined, I was shocked to learn that 1 in 11 people have shoplifted (this is according to The National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, based in the USA) and regular shoplifters will steal an average of 1.6 times per week.

Camatica, the South Africa-based continental leader in facial recognition for business, has the solution with its AI-powered camera technology. 

Specialising in ‘facial recognition with a purpose’ Camatica offers Camera-centred AI which will make a positive difference in the retail environment. This is making the job of security easier and organised shoplifting rings are starting to feel the heat. In turn, customers feel safer as the amount of undesirable loiterers is reduced in the shopping environment.

With the Camatica real-time facial recognition system, retailers have been able to use the local start-up’s mobile app and web interface to easily add potential shoplifters or troublemakers worthy of attention to a ‘hotlist’ that can be instantaneously shared.

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