Facial Recognition taking CRM to the next level

Untitled.003Customers are important to us and if we don’t look after our customers someone else will. This is the challenge we all have and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems have helped us keep track of our customers. This, however, has been a reactive approach, but the opportunity to be proactive and increase sales is now available.

With the introduction of smart storefront cameras and facial recognition software which integrates with your existing CRM system, you can now have valuable information about your customers at your fingertips.

Questions like: Has the customer visited our store before? When last did they visit? What is their favourite product? How much did they spend? And of course What is the name of that customer? This information can all be available via a mobile app and web interface to assist the sales staff to deliver better customer experience.

This technology enabled by Artificial Intelligence #AI is certainly going to pave the way for enhanced customer experience.

Camatica, the South Africa-based continental leader in facial recognition for business, has the solution with its AI-powered camera technology. More information is available on camatica.com

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