Employee Attendance powered by #FacialRecognition

One of the biggest headaches in any business is controlling the attendance of staff, in the past companies have used time sheets, clock cards and even fingerprint systems to keep a record of staff movements. All of these systems required action from the employee and the easiest excuse was that they had some urgent business and did not get a chance to physically clock in. There had to be a better solution…

Camatica, the South Africa-based continental leader in facial recognition for business, has the solution with its AI-powered camera technology.

Staff attendance twitter post imageUsing smart camera technology, artificial intelligence and Camatica’s proprietary software you now have a 100% accurate way to recon your attendance and leave system with a Face-Attendance report to identify and prevent leave leakage. This solution  does not require any form of overt action by your staff.

For more information and or a demo please contact Camatica via their website at camatica.com


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